Flexibility and Performance

  • Unmatched for sound sensitive applications
  • 10 to 20 dB quieter than competing fans in critical bands
  • Minimizes regenerated noise & low frequency
  • Absorption maximized using encapsulated, natural fiber attenuation … no Fiberglass
  • Centrifugal fan wheels w/ patented diffuser & slotted aluminum air-path technology


Flexibility and Performance

  • Multiple capabilities in saving energy
  • Capable of peak static efficiency over 80%
    (AMCA Certified)
  • Efficient at small and large capacities
    • Continuously high efficiency through multiple flows and pressures
    • Utilize (harvest) pressure and energy that would otherwise be thrown away


Flexibility and Performance

  • Internally spring isolated fan/motor/diffuser module
  • Max. 44" operational module length in direction of airflow 
  • Nested configurations to reduce cabinet height
  • Lowest sound power per foot in direction of air flow
  • Easily configured to fit 36” doorway for retrofits


Designed for the sustainable future.

“We take sustainability seriously, and we’ve built it right into our fan design.”

  • 100% Acoustic Cotton Fill
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Maintenance

Sustainability in manpower

Our optimally-sized, direct drive fans last longer and have fewer parts to service and replace compared with arrays comprised of multiple smaller fans running at higher speeds and belt-driven arrays.

Sustainability in materials

Our fans contain 100% acoustic cotton fill — encapsulated in an acoustically transparent long fiber Typar barrier. Fill consists of denim and cotton fibers that are 100% recycled (reducing landfill waste) and which maintain 80% post-consumer recycled content. We never use fiberglass in our acoustic fill.


We’ve considered ease of servicing and repair in our design.

“One rotating part, no belts, sheaves or tensioners to fail or require adjustment...”

  • Direct Drive
  • Integral Spring Isolation
  • Pressure Taps
  • Lightweight Aluminum Fan Wheel
  • Manageable Motor Sizes

Belts reduce motor bearing life by 65%, which is one reason we chose to make only direct drive fans.

No belts equate to longer motor life, and fewer dollars spent repairing or replacing belts, bearings and sheaves.

It’s inevitable that over time transmitted vibration causes mechanical parts to wear out requiring repair or replacement. Our integral spring isolation is designed to minimize vibration in the fan module and transmission of vibration to the building structure.

Individual fan flow measurement:

Each fan module is factory equipped with integral pressure taps that are used to confirm initial factory performance and to allow integration into an on-site flow monitoring station, providing real-time flow and operation data from each fan in the array.