“Our patented flow path results in  an acoustic spectrum that is remarkably different from ordinary plenum fans or arrays”

Let’s talk about the Herculean efforts we’ve taken to suppress sound.

  • Engineered Flow Path
  • Heavy density Rockwool encapsulated in polypropylene fill (12" Outer diffuser / 6" Inner Diffuser)
  • Fully integrated internal spring isolation in each module eliminates flex connections
  • Optional Inlet silencer for critical applications

AcoustiFLO addresses the issue of fan noise much differently than other plenum fans.

Regular plenum fans discharge air radially, slamming it into the walls of the fan box or air handler, creating turbulence and generating noise. 

We engineered (and patented) a curved and acoustically attenuated flow path using a slotted aluminum diffuser to minimize turbulence by gently seducing the air around the curve, under control — substantially reducing regenerated noise. 

We’ve also taken steps to reduce low frequency sound by adding not 1 or 2 inches of absorptive material, but 12 inches of encapsulated acoustic fill to the outer diffuser and 6 inches  to the inner diffuser, to maximize sound absorption. 

For applications where inlet noise reduction is critical: We offer an optional inlet silencer that adds only 19" inches in direction of air flow, making AcoustiFLO 10 to 20 dB quieter in critical octave bands. AcoustiFLO is uniquely AMCA certified for sound with all accessories.



Download: AcoustiFLO Acoustics