Wells Fargo Motor Bank

Fan Retrofit

The Wells Fargo Motor Bank is located in the heart of downtown Denver and is in a portion of a multi-building complex housing the regional headquarters of Wells Fargo Bank. This facility is regulated by both state and federal oversight requiring operations be staffed for a minimum of 21 hours per day five days per week and 12 hours on Saturday. The area occupied by the Motor Bank is in a part of the building constructed in the late 60’s. Much of this facility has been upgraded over the years, however the prime air handler, located 3-levels below the street was still served by a single 150 HP DWDI centrifugal fan installed when the building was constructed. Aging bearings and cracks in the main fan shaft had threatened several times to completely shut down heating and air conditioning service to the Motor Bank facility.


LEED Certified High Rise Office Building

DaVita HealthCare Partners, a Fortune 500® company, is one of the nation's largest and most innovative healthcare communities employing over 65,000 ‘teammates’ worldwide. As an operating division of DaVita HealthCare Partners, DaVita Kidney Care focuses on setting worldwide standards for clinical, social and operational practices in kidney care. The Davita Health Care Partners consolidation of it’s world-wide headquarters operations into a new 15 story building in lower downtown Denver incorporated Davita’s requirements for a class A office facility that include LEED compliance, long term reliability, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort for long term support of the company’s teammates and a customers.

Central Park Tower

Built-Up Acoustic Solution

The developers of Central Park Tower were faced with a dilemma during the design of their new 11-story office tower in Broomfield, Colorado. The acoustic target for occupied office space in the new facility was NC 35-40. The primary air handling systems were designed on the 12th floor directly above the most expensive and desirable space in the building. Four 150 HP vane-axial supply fans were located within two conditioned air plenums above occupied office space.