• Up to 10% higher peak static efficiency than competing plenum fan arrays (AMCA Certified)
  • Higher fan efficiency = reduced load on refrigeration plant
  • Up to 12" of pressure below 90hz
  • Motor efficiency up to 94.1% (NEMA Premium). ECM motors available.
  • Optional exit guide vanes for max. efficiency
  • Direct drive only to eliminate drive train losses

Two fans with a 14% difference in efficiency but equal connected HP are NOT equal

AcoustiFLO’s efficiency cannot be matched. Flexibility in blade count and wheel width combined with infinitely variable speed provides a spectrum of typical HVAC pressure and flow requirements at maximum efficiency.

Every fan company will tell you their fans are quiet and efficient. The question is — can they actually back up their claims? At AcoustiFLO we back up the efficiency claims we make with industry recognized, published, third-party verification. 

The AcoustiFLO fan is direct-drive only. 

Utilizing a variable speed motor (VFD) and myriad wheel geometries, AcoustiFLO obtains multiple flows and pressures with identical efficiency — up to 12" of pressure within the industry motor speed limit of 90hz. By changing three variables: fan quantity, type and speed, AcoustiFLO addresses a broad spectrum of high performance AHU applications.

In addition to superior acoustics and efficiency, AcoustiFLO's flexibility and broad capacity range offer improved system reliability combined with 100% n-1 redundancy in many applications by applying the proper number of fans in an array. 



Download: AcoustiFLO Efficiency