• Acoustically attenuated fan reduces AHU length
  • Unitized motor base and springs
  • Compact (1" between modules)
  • Reduced aspect ratio
  • Nested arrangement saves height; allows odd & even numbers of modules
  • Flexible mounting configurations
  • No flex connectors 

If performance matters to you, AcoustiFLO is your fan company.

“The savings from not building an AHU several feet longer with separate attenuators will not only be recovered immediately, but for the life of the project by using a smaller, quieter fan.”

Fans have required minimum clearances for the air path and for personnel and maintenance access. 

Smaller motors are shorter and smaller fans require less length. Larger fans increase length. with AcoustiFLO, the air mover length doesn’t grow regardless of capacity, we only get wider and taller. 

As an additional nod to our compact nature, we also designed a 3-in-1 unitized motor base which provides isolation,  seismic restraint, and lockdown for transport or service

AcoustiFLO is not a typical plenum fan.

It’s a fan in a circle, making it uniquely configurable and remarkably space-saving. Our equipment is compact with a reduced aspect ratio, requiring less than one inch of space between each fan. Our modularity allows for unlimited mounting possibilities. Especially notable is that AcoustiFLO fans can be configured in even numbers, or in a nested fashion with an odd number of fans when space is constrained,  making us a perfect solution for retrofits.